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Reflective HTV

The Specification of Reflective HTV

Item name Heat transfer vinyl
Type PVC PU Flock Glitter Reflective Chameleon
Size/Roll 0.6*50m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m
Thickness 150micron 85micron 250micron 200micron 120micron 100micron
Color                       Black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, gold, silver, etc.
Advantage 1. Easy to cut and weed
2. Excellent Craft, Multiple and Bright Colors
3.No fade, no peeling off after washing
4. Great elasticity does not tear easily
Operating temperature                                                      140~160
Hot pressing time                                                       8~10 second
Working guide 1. Make a mirror design on the computer
2. Cutting the mirror design by the plotter
3. Weed the unwanted material and lay the cut design on the fabric
4. Set the temperature to 155~165 and heat press for 8 seconds
5. Remove clear PET film after it has cooled completely

Features of Reflective HTV (Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl):
1. High Visibility: Reflective HTV is designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. It contains tiny glass beads or reflective materials that reflect light back towards its source, making it highly visible when illuminated by headlights, flashlights, or other light sources.
2. Reflective Performance: Reflective HTV offers excellent reflective performance, ensuring that the applied designs or markings stand out prominently. It provides enhanced safety and visibility for individuals working in low-light environments or participating in activities where visibility is crucial.
3. Durable and Long-lasting: Reflective HTV is known for its durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand repeated washing and normal wear and tear without compromising its reflective properties. This makes it suitable for garments and items that require long-lasting visibility and performance.
4. Easy to Cut and Weed: Reflective HTV can be easily cut with a vinyl cutter or plotter, allowing for precise and intricate designs. The excess vinyl is straightforward to weed, leaving behind clean and well-defined designs.
5. Multiple Colors and Finishes: Reflective HTV is available in various colors and finishes, including silver, gold, white, and fluorescent options. This variety allows for creative and customized designs while maintaining high visibility.

Applications of Reflective HTV:
1. Safety Apparel and Gear: Reflective HTV is commonly used for creating safety apparel and gear, such as high-visibility vests, jackets, shirts, and caps. It enhances the visibility of individuals working in low-light or high-risk environments, making them easily identifiable and improving safety.
2. Road Signs and Markings: Reflective HTV is suitable for creating road signs, traffic cones, and other traffic markings. Its reflective properties ensure that these signs and markings are highly visible to drivers, contributing to road safety and guidance.
3. Workwear and Uniforms: Reflective HTV can be applied to workwear and uniforms for workers in various industries, including construction, transportation, utilities, and emergency services. It improves visibility and helps identify workers in low-light or hazardous conditions.
4. Outdoor Gear and Accessories: Reflective HTV can be used to add visibility features to outdoor gear and accessories, such as backpacks, helmets, shoes, and bicycles. It enhances safety during nighttime activities such as cycling, running, or hiking.
5. Promotional Items and Merchandise: Reflective HTV can be applied to promotional items and merchandise to create eye-catching designs that stand out in low-light environments. It adds a unique and functional element to branded products and giveaways.
6. Event and Festival Apparel: Reflective HTV is popular for creating apparel for events, festivals, and concerts. It adds a visually striking element to garments, making participants easily identifiable and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Reflective HTV offers enhanced visibility and safety in low-light conditions, making it a valuable material for various applications. Its reflective properties, durability, and customization options make it a versatile choice for creating highly visible and impactful designs.