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Specifications of Heat Transfer Vinyl

Item name Heat transfer vinyl
Type PVC PU Flock Glitter Reflective Chameleon
Size/Roll 0.6*50m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m 0.5*25m
Thickness 150micron 85micron 250micron 200micron 120micron 100micron
Color Black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, gold, silver, etc.
Advantage 1. Easy to cut and weed
2. Excellent Craft, Multiple and Bright Colors
3.No fade, no peeling off after washing
4. Great elasticity does not tear easily
Operating temperature 140~160
Hot pressing time 8~10 second
Working guide 1. Make a mirror design on the computer
2. Cutting the mirror design by the plotter
3. Weed the unwanted material and lay the cut design on the fabric
4. Set the temperature to 155~165 and heat press for 8 seconds
5. Remove clear PET film after it has cooled completely

Features of PU HTV (Polyurethane Heat Transfer Vinyl):

1. Soft and Flexible: PU HTV is known for its soft and flexible nature, making it comfortable to wear on garments. It has a fabric-like feel and drapes well on different types of textiles.
2. Excellent Durability: PU HTV is highly durable and can withstand repeated washing and wear without losing its color or integrity. It maintains its vibrant appearance even after extended use, making it suitable for long-lasting designs.
3. Wide Color Range: PU HTV is available in a wide range of colors, including solid colors, metallic finishes, glitter effects, and more. This variety allows for creativity and customization in design choices.
4. Easy to Cut and Weed: PU HTV is easy to cut into intricate designs using a vinyl cutter or plotter. It also weeds easily, meaning it is effortless to remove the excess vinyl from the design, resulting in clean and precise artwork.
5. Heat Activated Adhesive: PU HTV has a heat-activated adhesive on the backside. When subjected to heat and pressure, such as with a heat press, the adhesive bonds firmly to the fabric, creating a long-lasting and secure bond.

Applications of PU HTV:
1. Apparel Decoration: PU HTV is commonly used for adding designs, logos, and graphics to various types of apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, jackets, and more. It allows for customization and personalization of garments.
2. Sports Jerseys and Uniforms: PU HTV is a popular choice for sports jerseys and team uniforms. It offers durability, flexibility, and vibrant colors, making it suitable for athletic wear that requires frequent laundering and movement.
3. Promotional Items: PU HTV is used to create promotional items such as bags, caps, totes, and accessories. It provides a cost-effective way to add branding or custom designs to promotional merchandise.
4. DIY Crafts and Personalization: PU HTV is a favorite among crafters for creating personalized items, home decor, and DIY projects. It can be used on items like pillows, canvas bags, mugs, and more to add custom designs or messages.
5. Fashion and Accessories: PU HTV can be applied to fabric accessories like headbands, belts, shoes, and wallets to enhance their appearance and add unique designs.
6. Textile Markings and Labels: PU HTV is also used for creating textile markings and labels, such as care instructions, size labels, and brand tags. Its durability ensures that the markings remain legible even after multiple washes.